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See the fairness of mortgage approvals for Black, Hispanic, female, and other protected applicants in every county of the U.S.

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These maps show mortgage fairness for protected classes based on data from the 2020 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Database. The fairness to each group is calculated as follows:

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Mortgage Fairness Methodology

To compile these maps, FairPlay analyzed publicly available data for 2020 from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Database. We limited our review to applicants seeking to buy a new home, rather than applicants seeking to refinance or obtain a line of credit. Then we computed the Adverse Impact Ratio (AIR) for every county in the U.S. We also computed AIR values for 20 major metropolitan areas.

AIR is a measure of demographic parity; it does not control for risk.

Calculating the Adverse Impact Ratio

Adverse Impact Ratio is a calculation that regulators and courts use as a means of determining whether members of a protected class receive a certain outcome, such as getting approved for a loan, as often as a control group, such as white male borrowers, does.
Here is how AIR is calculated:

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